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South Africa Cape West Coast environmental education class

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South Africa

South Africa is a vast, vibrant, and varied country blessed with unsurpassed natural beauty and wildlife, and also blessed by dedicated local environmental non-profit organizations committed to preserving South Africa's unique ecological treasures, as well as chart a path forward in the 21st century that integrates environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Dzomo la Mupo

The Sacred Forests of Venda are located in the most northern and rural area of South Africa. These lush forests, waterfalls and mountains have a mystical and spiritual atmosphere. The area contains the burial grounds of Venda chiefs, and Lake Fundudzi, sacred and only accessible by permissions of the current chiefs, is believed to be the home of the great python fertility god. The forests offer very special and unique hiking opportunities.

The program of the Dzomo la Mupo community organization is focused on securing local food sovereignty, climate change resilience and protection of and access to biodiversity for marginalized indigenous communities in the Vhembe District of Limpopo Province. The communities are focused on the strengthening of traditional agricultural indigenous knowledge and seed saving practices, securing land, cultural and ecological rights, enabling inter-generational transfer of knowledge culture, biodiversity and livelihood strategies. It is an ecological holistic approach in a uniquely beautiful area of South Africa,

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