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CNM CEO instructs high school students on biological water quality monitoring

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Meet CNM

Centrul National de Mediu – CNM (National Environment Center), is a non-profit organization in Moldova that has a dynamic team representing many years of environmental experience.


Promoting a Global Best Practice: Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) is a bottom-up, participatory planning and implementation approach for identifying, owning and solving water resource problems on a holistic river basin level.

With the support of ECF funding, the principals of CNM created the first IWRM River Basin Council in Moldova in 2008, and since then, have formed three more stakeholder-run IWRM River Basin Councils, and are on their way to replicating more on a national scale.


Student Water Quality Monitoring Network and Integrating STEM Learning

With support from ECF, the principals of CNM were also the first to introduce to Moldova biological water quality monitoring, a globally recognized long term health indicator of rivers and streams. CNM has taught over 1,000 teachers and students across Moldova in the biological water quality monitoring technique.

ECF is also currently supporting CNM's initiative in collaborating with graduate students from Columbia University's Water Center in New York City to train high school teachers and students in a chemical based water quality monitoring methodology, a short term indicator, integrated with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning curricula in high schools. In addition, students from Natalia Dadiana High School in Moldova will collaborate with high school students in New York City.

With ECF support, CNM plans to scale up the student water quality monitoring network nationally by working with the Ministry of Education to align STEM learning modules with Moldovan national high school science standards.


Shining the Light and Raising Awareness

CNM has been an effective advocate of water issues in Moldova since its inception, over 5 years ago. CNM's staff has participated in numerous national TV programs, raising awareness of water quality and quantity issues in Moldova, as well as the impact on people's health. In addition, CNM has shined the light of the media on polluting practices, often resulting in action by the government.

In addition, CNM has harnessed the commitment, creativity and energy of youth by helping them to organize “flash mob” demonstrations in their communities across Moldova, bringing clean water issues to the forefront for their parents, local authorities and local media. CNM has also helped the students organize many photo, video and performing arts competitions, raising community awareness of clean water issues.


Facilitating Corporate Social Responsibility

CNM, supported by ECF, is creating community corporate social responsibility partnerships. The goal of the Community Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships is to increase the value of Moldova’s strategic ecosystem assets of water, energy and biodiversity through sustainable business practices and collaborative bottom-up community-based efforts among businesses, non-profit organizations and local, district and national authorities.

The Community CSR Partnerships offer businesses numerous opportunities to sponsor local sustainability community action programs, as well as provide their employees the opportunity to volunteer alongside their community on projects that directly affect their community. All of these opportunities are voluntary, and can be matched with the strategic goals of the business and non-profit organizations.


ECF and CNM: A Successful Partnership

ECF's direct grants and capacity building services has enabled CNM to develop, through their hard work, a successful track record. Support by ECF has enabled CNM to increase their impact and attract substantial additional funding from international donors. Some of the capacity building services that ECF provided that made this possible included:

  • Communications strategy development. Outcomes include awareness of branding and positioning, as well as clear and consistent messaging.
  • Donor development, including identifying, cultivating and providing testimony to international donors in Moldova. Outcomes included grants from the U.S. Emabassy Democracy Grants Program, National Endowment for Democracy and Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program and grants from European Embassies
  • Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) partnership development. Outcomes included CSR partnerships with MicoInvest, Glass Container Company and Union Fenosa.
  • Public-Private Partnership development. Outcomes included strategic partnership with Salix Energi, Europe's leading enegy biomass stock supplier and comprehensive business plan for biomass heat energy project in Moldova.

Based on the success of its model of capacity building services and direct grants, ECF is expanded its program to work with an inspiring non-profit environmental organization in South Africa.

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