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Moldovan high school students organize clean water advocacy flash mob

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For ECF, Moldova is where it all began...and still continues. ECF has been supporting local environmental non-profit organizations in Moldova for over 10 years. ECF has been supporting Centrul National de Mediu (National Environmental Center) since its inception, over 5 years ago.

As with many former Soviet Union countries, Moldova experienced severe social, economic and environmental challenges after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hundreds of waste water treatment plants in Moldova were transferred to local public authorities that did not have the revenue base for their continued operation and maintenance. Today, many waste water treatment plants are in ruins and very few are functioning, and raw sewage is pumped into streams and rivers where people swim, that are used to irrigate crops, and where fish are grown for food.

As in all countries, the future of Moldova lies with its youth. ECF has been very impressed with a younger generation of environmental leaders that it works with in Moldova who are very experienced, have high personal integrity, are very collaborative, and who passionately care about Moldova and its environment. The principals of Centrul National de Mediu, ECF's local partner in Moldova, are an example of such leaders.

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