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Namibia Spitzkopfe Reserve

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We will work where we can add value

Where we work will be determined by opportunities where we can add value and provide a good strategic fit for donors, NGO and CBO partners, and stakeholders. We believe that we provide a unique value in developing countries by being solely focused on supporting local environmental non-profit organizations in developing countries through capacity building training and direct funding.

We seek out local environmental non-profit organizations in developing countries that have been vetted by and are being or have been funded by international funding organizations such as the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program. We visit them in order to have a deeper understanding of their community, them as people, and their organization's mission and goals.

Thus, ECF is able to access and support high quality local environmental non-profit organizations globally, and at the same time, add value by providing co-financing for third party international donor organizations, both in the form of capacity building training and cash grants.

Let's visit a country where it all began for ECF - Moldova.

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