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Our 4 Pillar Program Approach

EcoCatalyst places a strong emphasis on collaboration and forming partnerships to attain sustainability, and works with local environmental non-profit organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs and government agencies to support them in their efforts to attain social, economic and environmental sustainability by:


Employing a Landscapes Approach

EcoCatalyst uses a Landscape Approach that focuses on a geographical region, providing an integrated approach that can include best practices in Integrated Water Resource Management, climate smart agriculture, biodiversity conservation, reforestation, food security, job creation, and entrepreneurship, and often including sustainable tourism.

Engaging Communities

The best way to engage a community is to listen to their perspectives and needs, and provide opportunities for environmental improvement, job creation and community empowerment. Social marketing techniques provide a deeper understanding of the perceptions and needs of the community and can be employed to engage communities, as well as change people's behavior. Wherever possible, environmental programs should include job creation. Empowering communities through knowledge and decision making sharing is another proven way to get them involved. Only through community engagement will positive changes take hold.


Engaging Businesses and Entrepreneurs

EcoCatalyst joins the ranks of leading businesses in realizing that sustainability is just good business in the 21st century. By working with local environmental non-profit organizations on sustainability projects, businesses can 1) improve their brand, 2) enhance their license to operate in the community, 3) improve employee morale, 4) increase the sophistication of their young managers, and 5) contribute towards fulfilling social, economic and environmental sustainability for their community. Entrepreneurs are a creative force in providing solutions and are often drivers of job creation.  EcoCatalyst works with local environmental non-profit organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs to support social, economic and environmental sustainability for their communities.

Scaling Impact

Impact can be scaled up by using a region scale Landscape approach. In addition, in order to scale up, there should be peer to peer  sharing of best practices and lessons learned, and replicating and adapting successful approaches, as well as providing enabling financing. The finance sector plays a key role in scaling impact, and an increasing number of private financial institutions are working towards aligning best practices in their industry with social, economic and environmental sustainability.

EcoCatalyst works with local environmental NGOs, businesses, entrepreneurs, government agencies, international donor organizations and the global finance sector to scale up successful approaches.

Using a program approach foundation built on these 5 pillars, we are focused on a Landscape Approach, capacity building, and partnership development.

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