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We are focused

Organization Capacity Building

EcoCatalyst will provide capacity building training for environmental NGOs in the areas of

  • Strategic/business planning
  • Grant writing
  • Fundraising
  • Green technology evaluation
  • Ensuring and measuring impact through Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Accounting to produce financial statements

EcoCatalyst, collaborating with the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program - South Africa, conducted a "How to Write a Grant Proposal" workshop in the Vhembe District, Limpopo Province in South Africa. One of the attending environmental NGOs, Dzomo La Mupo, subsequently was awarded two small grants by EcoCatalyst for computer equipment and to convene their first regional stakeholder meeting. As a result of the capacity building training and grants, and their vision, energy and hard work, Dzomo La Mupo applied for and was awarded a $35,000 grant from the GEF Small Grants Program.

"On behalf of Dzomo la Mupo as the chairperson of Dzomo, I appreciated yesterday's workshop. We are very happy and feel motivated to see the future of Dzomo la Mupo." - Mpatheleni Makaulule

In Moldova, EcoCatalyst worked with Centrul National de Mediu (CNM) to support them in developing their program of high school student biological monitoring of rivers and streams, funding them to vist the US to see the Save Our Streams program of the Izaak Walton League. CNM adopted the program to Moldova, and with the help of EcoCatalyst, expanded the program to a global best practice Integrated Water Resource Management River Basin Councils program. CNM has developed and supports 6 River Basin Councils in Moldova.

EcoCatalyst also worked with CNM to evaluate the potential for willow biomass plantations to provide heat for home and centralized district heating. EcoCatalyst identified a potential international willow biomass partner, Salix Energi, in Sweden. EcoCatalyst funded the principals of CNM to visit Salix Energi and their operations. In addition, EcoCatalyst accompanied the principals of CNM on a work study visit to a willow biomass technology cluster center in Romania, where CNM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Romanian cluster. In addition, EcoCatalyst drafted an operations and financial model for a willow biomass plantation to provide heat to a local public authority centralize district heating system. CNM is now a key partner in a willow biomass cluster in Moldova, working with a Moldovan willow biomass entrepreneur who is expanding willow nursery operations.


Donor Relationship Development

EcoCatalyst worked with CNM principals in developing relationships with additional international donors in Moldova. The EcoCatalyst CEO accompanied CNM principals on visits to embassies in Moldova that funded programs on water, democracy building and relations with the EU. EcoCatalyst provided testimony to the embassies and international organizations on behalf of CNM, citing that CNM did what they said they were going to, did it on time and within their budget. Third party testimony is more powerful than self promotion, and many of the embassies and international organizations gave CNM an opportunity, and CNM, thanks to their vision and hard work, now has a larger and more diversified donor base.


Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership Development

In Moldova, EcoCatalyst worked with Centrul National de Mediu (CNM) to help them develop a Corporate Social Responsibility partnership program with companies in Moldova, one of the first in the country. The EcoCatalyst CEO accompanied the principals of CNM on visits to companies in Moldova, informing the companies how business executives in the United States who worked with him on developing their CSR partnerships with environmental NGOs discovered the business case for CSR activities: 1) improved employee morale, 2) enhanced the company's license to operate in the community, 3) enhanced the professional training experience of young managers by working with NGOs, and 4) enhanced the brand of the company with the younger generation who value environmental sustainability. Many of the Moldovan companies signed up to participate in CSR partnerships with CNM and CNM now has a successful CSR partnership program.


Ecotourism Development

Ecotourism is generally considered to be responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education. Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing segment of the travel market. If done well, ecotourism can help provide local people with job and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as educate visitors, and help to conserve the local environment. EcoCatalyst is particularly interested in strengthening linkages among local ecotourism operators and local environmental nonprofits and their focus on biodiversity, water, reforestation, and ecosystem restoration and conservation.

EcoCatalyst has been working with a family owned coastal cottage property in Africa whose owner has a vision for an sustainable integrated mixed use development of the property which will feature an eco-lodge, holiday homes and a coastal ecotourism center that has partnerships with local environmental NGOs and Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) organizations to create a marine and terrestrial biodiversity sanctuary. EcoCatalyst is also developing ecotourism community workshops for delivery in early 2020.


Landscape Reforestation Project Development

Nature based solutions to climate change such as reforestation reduce CO2 emissions related to land use, capture and store additional CO2 from the atmosphere, and improve the resilience of ecosystems, helping with climate adaptation. More than 2 billion hectares worldwide may offer opportunities for forest restoration.

Reforestation can be a component of an integrated Landscape approach for a region, taking into consideration biodiversity, water resource management, climate smart agriculture, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and job and entrepreneur generation.

EcoCatalyst is working with a social-environmental entrepreneur in the Caribbean whose vision includes a Landscape approach to his community, including a reforestation project, green jobs academy, ecotourism and other social, economic and environmental sustainability components.

We are also focused on the needs of another key ECF stakeholder group - our donors. We believe we offer our donors unique opportunities.

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