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South Africa: Cape Cormorant in flight

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We facilitate social, economic and environmental sustainability in developing countries

We achieve this through an integrated Landscape approach

and by supporting local capacity building

The Landscape Approach is about balancing competing land use demands in a way that is best for human well-being and the environment. It means creating solutions that consider food and livelihoods, finance, rights, and progress towards biodiversity, water, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.

The Landscape Approach focuses on a geographical region, and provides an integrated approach that can include best practices in Integrated Water Resource Management, climate smart agriculture, biodiversity conservation, reforestation, food security, job generation,  entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism.

We have  found in our 15 year experience supporting local environmental non-profit organizations in developing countries that people in non-profit organizations and businesses in developing countries are as bright, capable and hard working as anyone in the world and often more resourceful.

They often just need to be provided with capacity building access to global best practices, coaching, technical training, third party testimony to develop strategic and donor relationships, and international funding.

The EcoCatalyst Foundation creates dynamic and productive partnerships and helps to build local capacity in social, economic and environmental sustainability in developing countries.

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